Civilization IV

May 19, 2018

I remember one day when I was in high school I woke up, went into the computer room and started playing Civilization.  Some time later I realized it was dark and my parents were telling me to go to bed.  Civilization sucks time like no other game I know of.

I had recently built a Windows PC and was trying out some of my old steam games that I couldn’t use when I was a Mac owner.  Stupidly Civilization IV was the game I tried.  I just tried it for a few minutes and 5 hours later my kids were asking me where I’d been.

Civilization IV is exactly like what I remembered except better.  It’s impossible to not want to play just one more turn.  My younger son briefly became a Civilization fanatic after witnessing the game and I let him play a bit although it’s tough to play when you can’t read very well yet.

After conquering the world through diplomacy I loaded an older save file and won by achieving victory in the space race.  Then I promptly deleted the game.  I don’t enjoy the feeling of entire days disappearing.


Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone-logoDate Completed: August 20, 2014

Can you ever really beat Hearthstone?  Probably not but I did beat the Naxxramas expansion and I figured the game was worth a write-up.

I was invited to the Beta of the game but I didn’t think it was very fun because I was constantly getting stomped by the insane lunatics that make playing this game their entire life.  Without a single player mode there wasn’t anything for me to do in the game except lose.  I shelved the game for a long time until the iOS version came out.  One day, I was dorking around on my wife’s iPad and I noticed that Hearthstone was installed on it.  Since we share an iTunes account It had been automatically installed for her when I downloaded the game on the computer.  I asked myself, “What’s the harm in giving the game another try?”.  I created a new account for my wife because I didn’t want to log in to her iPad with my account and got started.  After rushing through the tutorial the game gave her a pack of cards, which I opened only to find a Legendary Illidain Stormrage card.


The little Orange gem in the center means it is Legendary

NOT FAIR.  I’d opened several packs and had never found a Legendary card, and had only found one Epic card (For reference in Hearthstone it goes Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary).  The game doesn’t allow for the trading of cards, so my wife (who is unlikely to ever play the game) now had a Legendary, and everything I had seemed like absolute garbage in comparison.  This sparked my quest to get my own Legendary card.

Weeks later I found myself playing the daily Hearthstone quest for in-game gold.  I must have earned enough to buy dozens of packs of cards but I still didn’t have any Legendaries.  My wife was complaining I was playing too much – and she was right but when I obsess over something I go all-in.  I’d spent too much time now to give up now.  Then Naxxramas came out and everything changed.  ‘Common’ Legendary cards were offered as rewards for beating each wing of Naxxramas.  It was no longer hard to get a Legendary card – everyone had Legendaries!

Proof I cleared Naxxramas

I was thrown into a deep and dark depression, that lasted about as long as it too me to realize that it’s just a game and it doesn’t matter.  Nothing mattered anymore.  I gave up on my quest.  I continued playing, but my heart wasn’t in it anymore.  Some friends and I held a double elimination tournament, which I lost spectacularly and I found I didn’t care.  One day I resolved to quit playing the game entirely.  Then it happened…



I got a Legendary!! A legitimate, non-Naxxramas Legendary! It wasn’t a crappy one either, it was the card that was pivotal in many of the strategies for beating the ultra-bosses of the Naxxramas expansion. Unfortunately like many things in life, achieving my ultimate goal in Hearthstone was kind of a let down.  I played a few more times after picking up my card, and haven’t launched it since.  When the next expansion comes out I’ll probably be back for awhile, but I think my days of insane jealousy towards my wife’s Illidain Stormrage (Come On! She doesn’t even play!) and obsessive playing are over. For now, I have achieved my goals and I can lay this game to rest.

Is it fun: Yes
Score: 8/10
Length:  Eternal
System: PC / iOS
Genre: Card