firewatch-game-cover-pc-2016Date Completed: February 4th, 2017

Firewatch is more of an experience than a game.  Its similar to the game ‘Journey’ where it tells a story, and any spoilers to that story could potentially ruin it.  I’m going to stay away from spoilers, and instead focus on all of the things I did wrong while playing Firewatch.

Firewatch tells the story of a dude who watches for fires in Colorado wilderness.  When I started Firewatch I wasn’t sure what kind of game it was going to be.  Was it silly?  Was it scary?  Something else?  I didn’t know what to do or what kinds of interactions with the game world would be allowed so I tried stuff.  The first thing I did was pick up the bottle of dish soap from my watch tower and go for a hike.  Once I got out into the wilderness I felt bad about littering so I ended up carrying that bottle of dish soap around for an entire day.  This was super inconvenient because I had to set the soap down every time I wanted to consult my map ( which required both hands to be free ).


My soap and I enjoying the sunset.

The other thing that really pissed me off about this game was the sound the electric generator made.  When the game started up the first thing I noticed was the constant grinding sound of an electric generator.  I found the generator outside my watch tower and tried to shut it off but this wasn’t allowed.  Sometimes the generator would power down and I’d have a few precious minutes of silence but it would always start up again.  For some dumb reason the generator sound followed me through the entire park.  I’d be miles away from my watch tower and I could still hear it!  I began to wonder if it was a clue to the plot – maybe my character was in a hospital room hooked up to some machine and the whole game was a hallucination of some kind?  Maybe it was a bug in the game?  Either way it was super irritating.  You know what the worst part was?  After I turned the game off for the night I could still hear the noise!!!  This was the moment I began to suspect something was amiss…

Yeah…so it turns out that the kids had shoved a pencil into the pencil sharpener on the windowsill behind me.  It’s about at ear-level when I am sitting down and I was wearing headphones while playing and couldn’t tell it wasn’t part of the game.  It would run for a few minutes before shutting down on it’s own and eventually restarting.  Darn kids.

I would have played the game straight through except after 11PM I figured I should go to bed or I’d be in a mood the next day.  Overall a great game although the kind you only get to play once.  After experiencing the story there isn’t any reason to visit this game again.  Except maybe to find those turtles.

  • Is it fun: Yes
  • Score: 7/10
  • Length:  3-4 hours
  • System: Playstation 4
  • Genre: First Person / Thriller

Dragon Age : Inquisition

91iutl4hdvl-_ac_sl1500_Date Completed : February 3, 2017

Two years ago – about six months after we moved into our new house – I participated in the “It only happens twice a year gift exchange event” with my college roommates and the one random guy who keeps showing up to our holiday parties.  The rules of the gift exchange are simple.  We all get the same gift, hand it to another participant and continue redistributing gifts until each participant ends up with exactly one.  When it first began we usually purchase each other the same video game such as ‘The Orange Box’, ‘Command and Conquer : Generals’ or ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’.  Since kids and budgets and new game consoles have come along this strategy no longer works so today have a policy of exchanging gift cards.  In late 2014 I still hadn’t purchased any games for my PS4 so I spent my entire gift card on Dragon Age : Inquisition.  I didn’t know anything about the Dragon Age series other than the fact that people seem to like it and it has the word Dragon in the title.  Dragons sounded cool, and I wasn’t aware of anything else coming out for the PS4 any time soon.

My daughter was about 5 months old when I started the game.  To celebrate my newborn child I created a lady elf warrior and named her after my daughter.  I played through the first area of the game but I found the tutorial to be lacking and I never understood what was going on.  I put the game down for a few weeks and when I came back I had forgotten what little I knew.  It’s hard to find the time to play a game with a newborn in the house and it’s hard to feel motivated to do so when you keep forgetting how the game is played.  My enthusiasm for the game suffered and after a few price drops I experienced buyer’s remorse.


One big giant sand box.

Every once in awhile I picked up the game again and made some progress.  The game consists of several large (and I mean LARGE) areas that you can explore that each have dozens of missions to be completed.  I’d start the game up, run a few missions and then take a few weeks off.  The game is so vast that I usually didn’t feel like I was making any positive progress towards the eventual ending.  Running quests was ‘OK’ but often it just felt like busy work.  Towards the end of the game I was surprised to find that my views on this had changed.  I actually liked completing all of the stupid little missions, and exploring all of the maps.


On a mission to kill the saddest bear ever. 😦

The game is full of many memorable moments and after I recalled that the PS4 has a share button I started posting a few of them to my Twitter feed.  Once such moment occurred when I was taking a stroll on a beach and happened upon a giant punching a Dragon IN THE FACE.

Giant Punching a Dragon

Uh…leave me out of this.

It was clear to me early on that at least some the characters in this game had been in previous games in the series.  The back of the game case said ‘Meet Legends’ but I wasn’t sure who was supposed to be a legend or not.  I didn’t know who any of these schmucks were!  You can recruit nine different playable companions to your cause, most of whom seemed pretty cool.  It also turns out that you can choose to romance one of your companions (or some of the NPC characters).  There is even a trophy for committing to a long term relationship.  Since I wanted the trophy I found myself in the somewhat uncomfortable position of choosing a romantic partner for a woman named after my daughter.  I didn’t like it but eventually I settled on commander Cullen, one of the NPC advisors.  He seemed like the most honorable choice that didn’t have a porn-star beard.



After I started really getting into the game and beginning my final push towards completing it I became obsessed with doing things the ‘right’ way.  Events can unfold different depending on how you handle some of the situations that come up in the game.  Your companions may either grow to like or dislike you depending on how you converse with them.  Whenever a speech bubble popped up I’d always pause the game and look up the consequences of the various answers on the web before continuing.  My goal was to not miss out on anything in the game (especially those trophies) but this ended up partially ruining the experience for me.  I shouldn’t have worried about making the right choices.  Instead I should have owned the choices that I made and lived with the consequences.  It would have been more realistic and more fun.


Advisors gotta advise…

I usually didn’t let the kids watch when I played this game, unless I knew nothing horrible was going to happen (This game is rated M).  My daughter (who is now 2) was a big fan since the main character was named after her.  She’d walk in while I was playing, point and say “That’s me!!”.  Now that I’ve finished with the game she’s seemed pretty disappointed to find me playing other things on my Playstation.


Wouldn’t be an RPG without some questionable outfits…

Since I didn’t really know what was going on most of the game I avoided spending skill points, crafting weapons/armor or choosing a specialization until I felt like I absolutely had to.  My inventory was always full of items that I wasn’t sure if I should hold on to or not.  Eventually I’d stored up about 18 unused skill points and spent them all at once.  Suddenly I had TOO MANY skills and it took some trial and error to find a set of abilities that I liked.  My favorite was the ‘Charging Bull’ ability that had my warrior dashing into danger like the late Mr. Jenkins of World of Warcraft fame.



My first impression of Dragon Age was poor but after I understood enough about the game to play it intelligently I started to enjoy it more.  It’s a solid game but I can’t recommend it to everyone because there is a time investment required to acquaint the player with how the game is played.  This isn’t a pick-it-up-and-go title, it’s a read-the-strategy-guide-first kind of game.  I don’t plan on holding on to my copy, or playing any other games in the series.  If another Dragon Age game comes out some day I may look into it but for now I’m (finally) done.

  • Is it fun: Yes
  • Score: 8/10
  • Length:  ~110 hours
  • System: Playstation 4
  • Genre: Action / RPG

Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End


The Intro Screen

Date Completed : June 4th, 2016

It looks like the Olympics are on once again which means that my wife will be commandeering the Television for two weeks.  During the Winter Olympics 2 years ago I was able to take the opportunity to complete The Last Of Us but this time around I think I’ll start by getting caught up with my blogging.

I spent the first few hours playing Uncharted 4 taking screenshots of everything. This is the first PS4 exclusive game that I’ve played on my PS4 and it looks fantastic.  It took awhile but eventually the ‘Wow’ wore off enough for me to focus on playing like I would any other Uncharted game.


Don’t Sneeze!

Being a long-time fan I already knew the drill and I set myself up with a spoiler-free walkthrough that detailed all of the hidden treasure locations.  I played all three of the previous game without the assistance of a walkthrough and each time I regretted it.  The hidden treasures are squirreled away pretty deep in some cases and I’d rather be experiencing the story than exploring every nook.

One of the things that really stood out for me was the bantering.  Characters engage in bantering with each other and it comes off as perfectly natural.  I never observed any ‘repeat’ conversations – I can’t imagine how much voice work must have been recorded to make this game possible.


Lots of back-seat driver banter through this section…

The game plays exactly like the predecessors, with the notable exception of rope/vine swinging mechanics.  I thought that I’d enjoy the vine mechanics more but in practice I didn’t find a lot of opportunities where it made much of a difference.  I usually went with my go-to strategy of charging down my enemies with guns-a-blazing.

So, how does the game rank in the grand scheme?  I’ve really enjoyed every single Uncharted game but when I think back on previous titles I think I enjoyed them all for different reasons.  The original Uncharted had a small cast while later games had much more cast members with seriously over-the-top action sequences.  I think Uncharted 4 manages to recapture some of that small cast vibe while still including great action.  Thinking back on the games I think that Uncharted 4 may be my new favorite.  Here’s my official ranking, if you’re keeping score:

  1. Uncharted 4
  2. Uncharted 2
  3. Uncharted & Uncharted : Golden Abyss (Tie)
  4. Uncharted 3

The game is too violent to let the kids watch but sometimes I let them sit in the room with me between action scenes.  Some of the language in the bantering sections could get questionable but the kids didn’t seem to have noticed.  Whenever bullets started flying I’d kick the kids out of the room.


Sometimes you’ve gotta push a wagon.

Occasionally my wife wandered in while I was playing and she seemed at least somewhat interested in the story.  The storytelling is one of the elements that has elevated the Uncharted games above other similar games.  This game continues the tradition, and being Nathan Drake’s last outing they take every opportunity to please long time fans in every way.

I didn’t purchase this game – I borrowed it from a colleague.  This game is a lot of fun and I can see myself plaything through it again but it’ll have to wait until I have access to another copy!

Is it fun: Yes
Score: 9/10
Length:  20 hours
System: Playstation 4
Genre: Action / Third-Person Shooter

LittleBigPlanet 3

915sTmK8U1L._SL1500_Date Completed: February 21, 2016

The original LittleBigPlanet game wouldn’t have normally been something on my radar but a colleague of mine (Lets call him MDL for short) became a very big fan and even earned one of the Rare Prize Crown accessories as a level design contest reward.  I had a handful of ideas for levels but children started flying out of my wife at an alarming rate and I suddenly didn’t have the time to put into level design that I needed to accomplish anything of note.  Even so the game had a lot of charm and I discovered that I had become a LittleBigPlanet fan.  Unfortunately none of the games have been able to recapture the magic of that original title.  LittleBigPlanet 3 feels like they’ve given up trying.

The single player experience is OK but extremely short.  Rather than the linear progression of previous games the game is broken up into hub worlds, each of which involves you collecting one of the new characters in the game – Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop.  Each of the new characters can only be used in designated areas which I found disappointing.

In general the world ‘disappointing’ would sum up my entire experience with this game.  I didn’t care for the story.  I didn’t  care for the new NPC characters introduced.  I didn’t like the new ‘hub world’ concept, or the addition of quests.  I could continue listing things I didn’t like about the game but I’ll just say there was a lot to not like.

Not that the game is all bad.  I liked the new playable characters and I wished that I could have used them more.  The level design is very good and they are very fun to play.  My kids got to know SackBoy very well playing Run Sackboy Run and they loved seeing more of him in this game.

It many ways it feels as if the developers packed as many features into the game as they could, but decided not to make levels for it.  Instead they decided to rely on the community to create, share and play user generated content.  This may work for some of the audience of this game, however that’s not how I play.  I want to play a game with a beginning, a middle and an end.  I’m not really into playing games just for the sake of playing, I want a storyline and a goal.

After beating it I decided to sell the game.  They’re trying to push the DLC pretty hard for this game so I assume sooner or later LBP3 will be free for Playstation Plus subscribers.  I might play it again someday, but then again I might not.  I liked the game enough to play it but in the end it failed to capture the magic I was looking for.

Is it fun: Yes
Score: 6/10
Length:  ~5 hours
System: Playstation 4
Genre: Platformer

Trine 2

Trine-2-Complete-Story-LogoDate Completed : June 23, 2015

Today I will tell you a tale.  A tale of a time, long ago when I saw the first screenshots of Trine, and the obvious beauty of the game encouraged me to purchase it.  It was clear to me that this game would offer a superior experience on a console but a series of circumstances lead me to purchase it for the PC.  What sort of circumstances you ask?  I became addicted to the price savings offered by the Humble Bundles, and in 2011 they offered the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, which included Trine 1.  I tried playing Trine on the PC, and it was certainly beautiful but it pushed my laptop a bit too hard and it became uncomfortably hot and overheated my nether regions.  They keyboard controls were also as poor as I expected.  I was able to make it a few levels in but I never gave the game a fair chance.

The years rolled by and I didn’t give Trine another thought until one day I heard that Trine 2 had not only been released, but it was being made available FOR FREE to Playstation Plus subscribers.  FREE! (With paid subscription) is one of my favorite price points so I immediately downloaded and tried the game out.  Then I didn’t play it for three months.


My daughter was born in August 2014 and when up late, or early, or both with her I’d set her into the crook on my left arm and sometimes I’d play some Trine, but usually I’d watch Star Trek : TNG on Netflix because I didn’t have the mental energy to engage in a video game.  I’ll be honest too – I wasn’t enjoying Trine that much.  It is beautiful, challenging, interesting and unique but it is too slow.  It may be the Mario player in me, but I wanted to be able to run faster, jump higher, but Trine is a puzzle game first and an action game second.

The puzzles in Trine require either thought, or brute force.  It’s not like other games where there is one correct answer, there may be many possible ways to get up to the next ledge.  Some of them require skill, others require patience but all require you to stop running and start thinking.  Levels generally took me 20-40 minutes to complete and I was never sure if I could save mid-level.  I couldn’t find a save option – I assumed the game had an auto-save feature.  Sometimes after reloading I would start at a checkpoint and other times I had to start a level over.  It was slow going for me.  I played a few levels a month and I monitored the list of Trophies to gauge my progress but I never seemed to be any closer to finishing the game.Trine_2_Complete_Story_Sandworm_720p

Then Sony bequeathed unto PS4 owners a glorious update.  The ability to suspend a game in the middle of a level and resume later without losing any progress was added to the system, and the people rejoiced.  Without concern of losing my progress through a level I began to play Trine 2 in smaller, bite sized sessions.  With the mighty sword of suspend, and the shield of resume I was able to conquer my foe and Trine 2 lies dead in the graveyard of my blog.

Trine 2 isn’t especially graphic but I tried to limit my kids to only watching the puzzle portions of the game and kicked them out when I was involved in goblin hacking.  Sometimes I’d get through a puzzle only to be thrown into a battle and forget to kick the kids out but they never seemed overly traumatized (I’m pretty sure my 4-year-old’s night terrors were unrelated).  They seem to be able to grasp that it’s only a game and most of the action on my 24″ monitor is too small to make out much detail anyway.Trine2CompleteStory_Wyvern_Screenshot_02

I discovered accidentally that Trine 2 is one of the few PS4 titles to support 3D, and as the world’s only fan of 3D I took the opportunity to play in 3D as much as possible.  The game looks absolutely amazing-er in 3D, although since it is a 2D side scroller 3D mode doesn’t accomplish much other than emphasize the distance between the graphics layers.

Suspend mode was the feature that really made it possible for me to enjoy Trine 2.  I had tried playing using remote play from my Vita (which worked well) but Trine makes full use of the controller and the Vita’s emulation of the extra shoulder buttons is…not fantastic.  After I got into the game I had a lot of fun playing it and I’m considering going back to that overheating laptop to give Trine 1 another shot, especially since I have three kids now and I don’t need my nethers anymore.


  • Stunningly Beautiful Artwork.


  • Can be a bit slow going.

Is it fun: Yes

Score: 8/10
Length:  ~8 hours
System: Playstation 4
Genre: Action

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster

Box ArtDate Completed : May 15th, 2015

* SPOILER WARNING! * Do not read if you care about spoilers!

When Final Fantasy X originally came out it was a huge let down for me.  I’ll always remember it as the first ‘Bad’ Final Fantasy game, and the one that marks the transition where the series started turning to Poop.  While my original impression of the game was poor the game has achieved some sort of cultural relevance that over time has tempered my feelings about the game into what I can only describe as ‘somewhat less hostile’.  I even found myself thinking about playing through the game again.  When Square-Enix announced the HD Remaster version it seemed like a good opportunity to give the game a second go.

I thought my wife and kids might enjoy watching me play this game because it plays more like an interactive movie than a traditional game.  I was right about the kids, but my wife’s feelings are summed up with comment “They need pants.” (One of the common clothing choices for characters involves thigh-high socks and bikini bottoms).  Lulu’s dress made of belts and Yuna’s shirtless sleeves in particular received more than their fair share of her scathing remarks.  My wife clearly does not benefit from the years of indoctrination into video game fashion that I have.

After winning a battle I like to celebrate by bending over.

After winning a battle Lulu celebrates by bending over.

My kids really enjoyed watching the game, and my older son kept asking when I was going to allow him to play (Never! You’ll kill my whole party!).  Both of my boys had their favorite characters (My older son preferred Yuna because her eyes were different colors, and my younger boy preferred Tidus because he was fast) and shouted out unsound battle advice that mostly consisted of insisting I swap their favorite character into battle.  Once I caught my older son walking around the house with one pant-leg pulled up as high as it could go saying “Look Dad! I’m Tidus!”

Final Fantasy X played exactly like I remembered it.  Similar to the Kingdom Hearts HD remake, this game doesn’t appear to have any meaningful changes other than to bump the resolution of the game up.  The voice acting and character animations are still the same they were in the original and in comparison to the games of today FFX seems particularly awkward.

The biggest problem with FFX are the many parts of the game that simply aren’t fun.  Back in my college days I remember watching my roommate play through the Chocobo Catcher mini-game for DAYS trying to get Tidus’ ultimate weapon.  Several thrown controllers and rage quits later he eventually gave up on trying.  I was lucky when I played through the game for the first time – it only took me three tries.  This time I spent nearly two hours and I had to resort to YouTube videos for tips on how to complete it.  Other irritating side quests include capturing 10 of every monster in the game (Some of which are rare encounters or can kill you before you get a turn), completing the sphere grid for all characters ( which takes a herculean time investment ) or playing Blitzball for Wakka’s weapons or overdrives.  I didn’t find any of these to be fun – only time consuming and frustrating.  There was no sense of accomplishment when I completed them all – only a great sense of relief that I was finally done and I’d never have to do any of them again.

After this scene my roommate in college came running to get me shouting "I think they did it!"

After this scene my roommate in college came running to get me shouting “I think they did it!”

Being the Final Fantasy fan that I am, I decided that I wanted to get the Platinum trophy for this game (The only platinum I had for a Final Fantasy game is for FF XIII-2).  Unfortunately this meant I needed to complete all of the irritating side quests including the ‘Dodge 200 consecutive lightning bolts without saving’ quest which I had never even attempted in the previous release. (It seemed like a lot of trouble for very little benefit).  I read on the internet that it was easier in a dark room so I started locking myself in the closet under the stairs and took regular breaks after 50 dodges.  It took me an entire weekend but even with children, cats (one jumped on my lap at 186 dodges) and other distractions I was able to accomplish it.  I couldn’t have done it without my PS Vita.  If I had tried to do that on the TV with people watching and laughing I simply would not have succeeded.

Before FFX came along being a ‘Final Fantasy’ title meant something.  It meant an over-world map, it meant airships, it meant exploration.  All of these traditional elements were stripped out of FFX and replaced with the FMV cut-scenes that Square-Enix had become known for.  It is impossible to get lost in FFX.  Each map in FFX is a variation on a straight line and is clearly labeled with your current position and where you are supposed to be going.  The Airship has been replaced with a menu that lets you choose where you want to go.

One of the area maps in FFX.

One of the area maps in FFX.

The only other thing I want to mention is that during the final Battle with Yu Yevon when you have to kill all of your Aeons my sons became very upset.  They had grown really attached to our summoned friends and they didn’t understand why we had to kill them.  They asked me for days after the end why Tidus faded away at the end of the game (I don’t know boys, the plot is crazy) and the whole thing about Auron being a ghost really spooked them (get it?).

In spite of all of my complaining I did enjoy playing the game (I put over 100 hours into the game, so I must have liked something, right?).  I probably won’t be playing it again but who knows, maybe in another 10 years I’ll be playing the Ultra HD remake complaining about this game all over again.


  • FFX in HD
  • Trophy Support


  • Besides the resolution, not many upgrades.
  • All the mini-games suck.

Is it fun: Yes

Score: 6/10
Length:  ~115 hours
System: Playstation 3, Playstation Vita
Genre: RPG


Injustice : Gods Among Us

Injustice--Gods-Among-Us-Ultimate--pTRU1-17062589dtDate Completed : December 18th, 2014

Thanks to the efforts of my wife I received a healthy amount of cash for Christmas 2013 that was earmarked towards the purchase of a new PS4.  My level of excitement for the PS4 wasn’t as high as it has been for past consoles.  The launch titles really didn’t appeal to me, and having suffered through the PS3’s length launch drought I didn’t have high hopes for seeing any compelling games for at least a year or two.  Still, I knew that I needed to get one before our third child arrived and we completed the purchase of a bigger home to fit our expanding family.  If I didn’t get the PS4 quickly, it wasn’t likely that I would see that much money together in one spot again for a good long while.

The PS4 has served as an exemplary Netflix box for when I’m up with the baby in the middle of the night but until recently it hadn’t been used as a gaming machine.  That finally changed when INJUSTICE : GODS AMONG US ULTIMATE EDITION was added as a free title for Playstation Plus subscribers.  The game had been on my ‘I might try that if I can find it really, really, really, really cheap’ list and getting it for free for my least used console pretty much fulfilled all of my requirements.  I downloaded it at once and since my boys had been watching a lot of Justice League cartoons lately I called them in to check it out.

A few moments later I kicked the kids out of the room.

The game is violent.  Horribly violent.  Spurting blood effects are prevalent through the game and more than a few characters are outright murdered during the story.  It’s hard to find games I can play around the kids that don’t include some level of violence but this was too dark and realistic.  Cartoon characters that smile happily as they light-heartedly bludgeon each other into puffs of smoke is OK, but Injustice is not.

After getting into the game a little bit I found myself uncomfortable with how the characters looked.  I recognize that Superhero physiques are generally exaggerated but everything seemed a little too off to me.  For example, Superman’s jaw seemed too pointy, Wonder Woman’s upper chest seemed too elongated and Shazam’s forehead seemed to short.  I couldn’t tell if the graphics were a result of poor character modeling or the uncanny valley.  The graphic quality of the game itself is actually quite good good, but the character models and a choppy frame-rate frustrated my experience.  I expected more from my first PS4 game.

INJUSTICE is a quick paced fighting game. The controls for playing the game and executing special reminded me of the Mortal Kombat games, which have always been low on my list of favorite fighting games.  I found the INJUSTICE move set to be too complicated. The game started with a tutorial for playing as Batman but after the first few moves I was lost. Some of the combination attacks or throw reversals required very specific timing, and I found them to be difficult to execute, even in the controlled environment of the tutorial.  Eventually I found that button mashing worked much better than trying to be intentional with my moves, and it negated the need to learn how to play the game.

Story mode was by far my favorite part of this game. It throws you through a series of about 50 battles that are strung together by a series of cut-scenes. The story may not make a whole lot of sense (alternate universe with an evil Superman) but it does answer the question I first asked myself when I heard about this game – “How can Batman hold his own in a fight against Superman?”. (Spoiler : There’s a pill for that).  Your fighter swaps out every four battles so you are constantly learning how to use a new fighter.  While the story wasn’t fantastic it was a good way to make a single player experience out of a multiplayer game.

After finishing story mode I checked the available trophies for the game to see if there was any low-hanging fruit there. There were some trophies for trying out practice mode and classic modes. There is also a challenge mode that I didn’t try that looked like a lot of work, and knowing my competitive nature I steered clear of the online modes. I picked up a few trophies by playing through the classic mode on very easy with remote play on my PS Vita. The remote play feature worked very well and it even seemed to help with some of the jittery frame-rate issues I’d been seeing. I think I’ve picked up most of the trophies that can be achieved without a significant time investment so I’m now done with the game.

I think the biggest problem with this game for me is that fighting games were meant to be competitive.  Without some cocky neighbor kid bragging about a (probably fictional) 200 hit combo in Killer Instinct I may have never played the game.  I don’t have a cocky neighbor kid of Injustice, so I have no reason to get good enough to wipe the grin off his stupid, cocky face.  The single player story mode made it fun for a few hours, and it gave my PS4 a purpose for a time, but I won’t be revisiting this one.


  • Lots of playable characters.
  • Single player story mode was enjoyable.


  • Frame-rate issues.
  • Unusual proportions to the characters.
  • I wasn’t happy with the controls.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 5/10
Length:  ~5 hours
System: Playstation 4
Genre: Fighting