Run Sackboy Run

Date Completed: February 2016

A few months ago my younger son found Run Sackboy Run on the iPad and decided that it was the greatest game ever made.  He had played it before but for some reason this time around it really clicked.  I knew it was a problem when I logged into the game and found that he’d collected all of the stickers and enough bubbles (which are currency in the in-game-store) to purchase everything but the most expensive items.  He started stealing the iPad when my wife and I weren’t looking and we’d hear the sounds of the game being played from his various hiding places.   He became very good at the game, better than I am in fact.  I think I could still edge him out by applying superior strategy, but he could certainly beat me in raw skill.

Starting out in the Football costume.

I had been holding off of playing LittleBigPlanet 3 until I had collected all of the cross-platform bonus content that was available for it in Run Sackboy Run but my son ended up collecting everything so I didn’t have much work left to do.  Instead I set myself a new goal.  I wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole went.  I knew about the first three levels – The Gardens, Avalonia and The Canyons – but what was further beyond?  I began preparing for an ‘ultimate’ run to determine the answer to this question.

Hearts can periodically be found during a run and can be exchanged for a continue after dying.  Unfortunately each trade-in costs progressively more.  The first trade in costs one, the second costs two, etc.  Collecting hearts is time consuming – it’s rare to encounter hearts in a play-through so I enlisted my older son to help find them. (I didn’t trust my younger boy – he had a habit of spending hearts as soon as he found them).  After many weeks I managed to save up 16 hearts which if you do the math adds up to six continues.  I also waited until I could get the auto-shield upgrade that will automatically save you from your first mistake.  I then played until I had a run that I thought was particularly good and began expending my hearts.

Running in The Canyons

After beating the canyons the game loops around and you start in ‘The Gardens’ again, although at night.  After ‘The Dark Gardens’ comes what the boys called ‘Evil Avalonia’ and finally ‘The Rainy Canyons’.  Even with six continues I was never able to determine what came after the second version of The Canyons.  It’s either because the game becomes infinite at that point, or it was just too dang hard to make any progress.  I did some research on the net but all I was able to determine was that I’d wasted a whole lot of time finding out nothing.

The only other comment I have about this game is that that Vita version is vastly inferior to the iOS version.  I played mostly on the Vita so that I wouldn’t have to compete with the boys for the iPad but the iPad version clearly ran with a much better frame rate and response time.  When my older son was playing on the Vita he regularly complained about the game not jumping when he tapped the screen, which is an experience I had as well.  Neither of us had this issue on the iPad.

Long story short – fun game.  Plus it’s free and can unlock costumes in LittleBitPlanet 3.  Give it a try!

Is it fun: Yes
Score: 6/10
Length: 1-100 hours, depending on your level of OCD
System: iOS / Playstation Vita
Genre: Endless Runner


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