Beatles : Rock Band

51LEdQGTGULDate Completed: December 20th, 2015

I happened across my copy of Beatles : Rock Band and said “Does anyone want to play this?”  That’s when all the trouble began.

Both boys wanted to play the drums because, hey drumsticks.  None of my kids have the dexterity to play ‘for real’ yet so I took the batteries out of the drum and tried giving them one stick each.  Several bruised eyeballs later I gave both sticks to my older son and tried to sell my younger boy on playing solo guitar.

I have two guitar peripherals, one from Guitar Hero and one that came with Rock Band.  My younger boy seemed to think that the Rock Band guitar was alive and possessed by some malevolent force.  He wanted MY guitar, which I refused to give him since mine was the only one with batteries in it.  There was no way I could take them out without him noticing.  We started up a song over the sounds of his protests and began to play.

My wife sat with my 1-year-old daughter on her lap and tried to sing into the microphone loud enough to override the whining, crying and joyful babbling coming from my three children.  Eventually my daughter wandered off and walked into the range of my older son with the drumsticks and got whacked.  While my wife was consoling her my younger son gave up his guitar and took the microphone and we began to lose badly.

I’m not sure why we kept at it, but we did and before long we got to the credit roll.  It turns out that when we moved into our new house we made it about 90% of the way through the game and then quit playing.  Next time we’ll know better than to play Rock Band as a family.

Is it fun: Yes
Score: 3/10
Length: 3 hours
System: Playstation 3
Genre: Rhythm


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