Beyond Good and Evil HD

Date Completed : December 20th, 2015

I can’t recall the first time I heard about ‘Beyond Good and Evil’, but I’m sure it was well after it was originally released for the GameCube.  I can’t recall any of the specifics of what I’d heard, but I was left with the impression that the game was of the highest quality.  A number of years ago a friend of mine was burgled and the thieves stole all of his gaming consoles but left all of his games.  Since he didn’t have the means to play them any longer he gave me all of his old GameCube games including a copy of Beyond Good and Evil.  Rather than spend hundreds of hours playing old games I ended up listing all of the games on eBay and I was surprised to discover that Beyond Good and Evil was still selling for quite a bit of money.  I made quite a hefty profit off of the sale and ended up feeling bad enough to buy my friend a T-Shirt with some (but not all 😉) of the profits.  This only proved to solidify my long-held assumption that this was amongst the greatest games ever made.

Uncle Pey'j

The pig that always shows up in screenshots of the game.

The game had been built up in my mind for many years and when I saw that an HD remake became available for the PS3 I bought it.  Like many of the PS3 games that I’ve purchased digitally it eventually became available for free via Playstation Plus.  One might wonder why anyone ever bothers to buy software at all.  But I digress.


Walking around the City

You may have guessed that there was no way my expectations for this game would be fulfilled.  I was expecting the greatest game ever made and what I played was a rather average third-person action game.  You play the role of the character Jade who runs an orphanage with her pig buddy Pey’j.  After the orphanage is attacked by some aliens Jade and Pey’j join up with some freedom fighters who believe that the local government is in cahoots with the alien aggressors.  There is very little fighting involved in this game.  Your role is primarily to explore, infiltrate and photograph evidence of wrongdoing.  Periodically you are required to fight however these portions of the game popped up so infrequently that for about half of the game I forgot that you have the ability to charge an attack (which was required to get past a later area, had to look it up on GameFaqs).

I have a hard time pointing out anything that was particularly good.  ‘Solidly Average’ would be a good way to sum up my experience with this game (and all games I’ve ever played that were published by Ubisoft, now that I think of it).  In fact, this may be the most average video game ever made.  I enjoyed the game, but I definitely won’t be playing it again or recommending it to anybody.  There are a lot of better games available.  If the rumored sequel ever comes out I’ll check the reviews before I consider buying it.

Is it fun: Yes
Score: 5/10
Length: 10 hours
System: Playstation 3
Genre: Action


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