Dead Space : Ignition

Dead_Space_Ignition_CoverartDate Completed : December 11th, 2015

I don’t remember the chain of events that led me to download Dead Space Ignition but it’s been sitting unplayed on my PS3 for YEARS.  When you hover over the icon for it the volume of the music that plays is double the volume of any other game I have loaded on my console.  When I’m trying to be quiet it’s a constant source of irritation.  I would have deleted it long ago but I knew completing it added some sort of bonus to Dead Space 2 ( which I have yet to play ) so I put off deleting it.

Dead Space Ignition has various cut-scenes drawn in a partially animated comic book art style that are strung together with 3 different types of mini-games.  One of the mini-games reminded me of the light-cycle races in Tron and it was the only one that required any skill.  The other two were puzzle games that were mildly amusing, but not particularly challenging.

I knew there would be something inappropriate (Language, Violence or something) for the kids so I waited until I was home alone (It’s taken years but it finally happened!) and I beat the game in a little over an hour.  The story was OK but not fantastic.  The bonus appears to have been some sort of outfit which I probably could have done without.  Oh well, at least I can delete it now.  On to Dead Space 2!!!!

Is it fun: Yes
Score: 5/10
Length:  2 hours
System: Playstation 3
Genre: Puzzle

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