Skylander’s Trap Team

TTBoxArtDate Completed : Feb. 11, 2015

This will be my first post for a game I didn’t play myself.  When I purchased Skylanders Swap Force my my boys I assumed I’d be playing it and they’d be swapping the characters out but it turned out that on easy mode my 5-year-old was capable of playing on his own.  In fact, he loved Skylander Swap Force so much that when he heard about Trap Team he started saving up his own money.  On launch day we drove over to Toys R Us and he paid for it himself with cash (including lots of loose change) that he had accumulated through chores.

He played Trap Team almost entirely on his own.  The only parts of the game he had trouble with were some of the jumping parts, and the boss fights.  Boss fights could be tricky because it wasn’t always apparent how to damage the boss, and sometimes his go-to strategy of walk in circles mashing attack button of choice was inadequate.

The new ‘Trap Master’ figures look awesome, but the Traptanium plastic is brittle and breaks easily.  I’ve used more superglue on Trap Team figures than on the previous three generations of Skylander figures combined.  We have a new shelf for Skylander figures put next to the TV now so there is a safer storage location between games.

I asked my son for his official review of Trap Team so without further ado here is the transcript of his in-depth interview (May contain spoilers)

Me: “What did you think of Trap Team?”

Henry: “You helped to beat Kaos.”

Me: “Is there anything you liked about the game?”

Henry: “Wildfire has stronger lasers now.”

Me: “Is there anything you didn’t like about the game?

Henry: “I didn’t like the cheese that turned Kaos into a genie.


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