Final Fantasy Theatrhythm : Curtain Call

Theatrhythm_Final_Fantasy_Curtain_Call_box_artDate Completed : April 8th, 2015

I’ve already completed a review for the original Final Fantasy Theatrhythm so I’m going to try and keep this one short.  Final Fantasy Theatrhythm : Curtain Call (FFTCC) is almost exactly like the previous title and I stand by what I said before – you tap on the screen in rhythm with songs from the Final Fantasy game.  I don’t know why I like this game so much, but I’ve sunk quite a bit of time into it, and almost a month after finishing it I’m still playing it, trying to unlock more characters.

FFTCC has several upgrades, primarily the quest mode is improved and it has a BUTTLOAD more songs including songs from spinoffs and related game series.  There are even new control modes – you can tap the buttons instead of the screen if you prefer.

Like the previous game I mostly enjoyed playing the game before bed.  It can be very difficult playing with other people in the house because interruptions can mess with your rhythm.  Theatrhythm is the kind of thing you play alone in a dark corner of the house when no one is watching.

It’s a fun game and includes all of the content from the original, so if you’re in the market for a Theatrhythm game look no further than Curtain Call.


  • Superset of the original game.


  • You’ll have to hide from your kids to play it.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 8/10
Length:  ~10 hours
System: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: Rhythm

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