Ninja Gaiden

Date Completed : November 26th, 2014

I decided to play through some classic NES games as a way of ignoring the family over the Thanksgiving holiday. I purchased Ninja Gaiden on the Wii shop when it became available and I played through the entire game relatively quickly. You have unlimited continues and if you die you can restart at the beginning of the previous stage…with one exception.

If you die on the final boss you are sent back to the beginning of the final Act. The final Act is unsurprisingly the most challenging of the game and can be super challenging on it’s own. The birds that appear every time you jump frequently knock you down one of the many bottomless pits on the stage, and if you do manage to survive they do an absurd amount of damage. Like most challenges in life it’s all about perseverance, and eventually you will be rewarded with success – but is it really worth the time?

The Jacquio has a way with words.

I hate leaving a challenge uncompleted, no matter how inane. Patience finally paid off, and I beat the game.  Ninja Gaiden’s claim to fame were always the cut-scenes that appeared between Acts.  The cut-scenes that I thought were so cool 25 years ago seem super cheesy now, but in a totally awesome way.

Poor Irene.

I’m glad I’ve finally checked this game off my bucket list.  Now I can focus on beating easier games.






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