New Super Luigi U

New Super Luigi U Box Art

Date Completed: July 29, 2013

Since completing ZombiU I haven’t done a whole lot with the Wii U except play the occasional Virtual Console game.  There have been a handful of games I’ve been interested in, but not enough to actually pay for them.  I really wanted to buy Mass Effect 3 for the Wii U but since Mass Effect Trilogy was available for the PS3 for even cheaper it was a tough sell.  The is promise of more games is on the horizon but a lot of those have a ‘2014’ in their expected launch dates.  New Super Luigi U is an obvious attempt to throw Wii U owners a bone.  It only runs about 20$, which according to my internal video game pricing calculator is basically free.

The game itself reuses all of the resources of New Super Mario Bros U so it isn’t exactly a new game.  The over world map, enemies, items and story are all identical.  Every single level has been completely replaced however so while it may look familiar on the surface it is a different game.  Each of the levels much shorter, but they are all much more difficult than NSMBU and you start them with only 100 seconds and there are no halfway points (Even on boss levels).  Star Coins are often in locations that can only be described as ‘corridors of death’ and require perfect timing to acquire.

The game play has also altered a bit.  Luigi has a longer jump and a ‘floaty’ quality similar to the Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 2.  It makes jumping easier but since he falls a bit slower I had a bit of trouble adjusting my timing to land on top of my foes.  Since Mario does not appear in this game Nabbit replaces him in multiplayer modes.  Nabbit can’t be damaged by enemies (and can’t pick up power-ups) so I was able to talk my wife into playing as him a few times.

New Super Luigi U brought new life back to my Wii U console and while it was fun, I have been wondering How much Mario is too Much?  With two New Super Mario games last year, New Super Luigi U this year and Super Mario 3D World supposedly coming out for Christmas how much more Mario can they expect us to take?


  • All new levels for New Super Mario Bros U.


  • Short levels.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 8/10
Length:  6 hours
System: Nintendo Wii  U
Genre: Platformer

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