The Legend of Zelda : Oracle of the Seasons

oos-box-480Date Completed: July 4th, 2013

Back in the day when The Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Seasons (OoS) and its partner title The Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Ages (OoA) came out I was still a poor college student and I could not afford to purchase both titles.  My roommate bought  OoS and I bought OoA and we played them simultaneously and traded after completing them.  Back then I was living mostly on frozen pizzas and pancake batter and a 30$ game represented an entire month’s worth of food.  Now that I’m properly employed I didn’t have to make the hard choice between video games and food.  The moment the Oracle games showed up on the eShop I snagged them both immediately.

Since I started with OoA the first time I went through the Oracle games I decided to start with OoS this time.  The basic gist of the game is that Link gets transported to the land of Holodrum by the Triforce because something nasty was about to go down.  Link arrives and suddenly finds himself partying with a troupe of performers and a totally hot dancer named Din who turns out to be the Oracle of Seasons.  Din is quickly kidnapped by the evil General Onox, and thus Link’s quest to save Holodrum begins.


#2 on my list of Zelda characters I’d most like to be stranded on a desert island with.

Graphics, control and game play mostly identical to what is found in Link’s Awakening. The most interesting new feature here is that Link eventually gets the ability to change the season by jumping up onto a stump and shaking his magic season stick (yes, for real).  Each season affects the world in different ways.  In summer streams dry up and vines grow and in winter lakes freeze over and snow piles up to form ramps.  Link also gains access to an underground world known as ‘Subrosia’ where he will find items, sub-quests and shortcuts to various locations on the over world.

Items like the sword & shield, bombs and boomerang will be familiar to anyone who has played a Zelda game before. OoS also includes new items such as the Roc’s cape (which allows you to fly) and the Magnetic Gloves (Which allow you to push and pull on large metal objects).  The game was originally a Gameboy Color game so only two buttons are available to bind items to.  Switching between different combinations of two items is the most irritating part of this game.

During the adventure Link meets three animal companions that have different abilities.  Dimitri the Dodongo can swim up waterfalls, Ricky the Kangaroo can jump up cliffs and Mushu the blue bear can fly.  You can choose one of these animal companions to be your permanent friend, although you may want to check a FAQ to determine which one you want, and how to make them permanent.  I ended up with Ricky the Kangaroo mostly by accident, but I would have preferred Mushu (Sorry Ricky).

Most interesting however is that OoS is not a stand alone title – it includes a password system that allows for it to interact with OoA.  After beating OoS you get a password to take with you to OoA where the adventure continues…

How’s that for in-game advertising?


  • Password System
  • Memorable Characters


  • Only two buttons for items.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 8/10
Length:  8 hours
System: 3DS (Virtual Console)
Genre: Action / Adventure

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