Resistance 3

Date Completed : 4/8/2013

Early critics of the Resistance series complained that the game didn’t take enough risks.  It takes place in an alternate reality WWII era where a hive-mind controlled swarm of alien zombies (Known as the Chimera) are infecting the population of earth.  That pretty much hits the big three genres of first-person-shooters right on the head (Aliens, Zombies and World War II).  Unlike some critics I’m not going to fault the developer for designing a game to be appealing.

Resistance 3 plays identically to previous Resistance games.  You have a huge arsenal of unlikely weapons including (but not limited to) the Bullseye that can shoot homing bullets around corners and the Auger that allows you to shoot enemies through walls.  Most of the action is very fast-paced.  There are a few parts where stealth can be of benefit but for the most part you’re charging into new areas with your guns blazing.

My favorite tactic in the game is to shoot the bad guys in the refrigerator.  Chimeras have faster than human metabolisms so their body temperatures are higher and they have to wear cooling units on their backs to keep from overheating.  A refrigerator shot is just as effective as a head shot and is far more satisfying.  The refrigerator starts to spark and the Chimera freaks out for a moment before it explodes.  BOOM! REFRIGERATOR SHOT!

Look at all those yellow glowing refrigerators!

One of the best selling features of Resistance 3 is that it is a tech demo for many of the capabilities of the PlayStation 3.  It is both 3D and PlayStation Move capable.  I didn’t try the PlayStation Move control but I did play most of the game in 3D and it looks great.  I especially noticed the depth when I was running in wide open areas.  It helped to add a sense of scale, and a sense of how fast I was moving.  It also added a bit of eye strain.  The game was too violent to play with the kids around so I finished most of it during a marathon session while the kids were away at Grandma’s.  Sony isn’t joking when they say to limit your time with 3D.

The story follows Joe Capelli, the last known survivor of the Sentinels from Resistence 2.  Joe has retired from being a total bad-ass and is now married with a young son.  He’s trying to take things easy and but he ends up getting recruited for a suicide mission to save the world.  My boys are close to the same age as Joe’s son, so I found it easy to get into character and relate to what Joe was going through in the game.  I really wanted Joe to survive so he could see his wife and boy again.  Even my wife wanted to know if Joe Capelli would survived the game.

My only complaint about the game is that it is very dark.  You spend a lot of time inside of tunnels or ruins and I had a very hard time distinguishing details.  3D mode cuts the brightness even further so I had to crank the gamma correction way up.  Some games (such as ZombiU ) are more enjoyable in the dark but for a more action oriented game not being able to see is too dang frustrating.

While it may not be on-par with games like Bioshock it’s a lot of fun and well worth the attention of anyone who likes zombies, aliens, world war 2 and first-person shooters.


  • 3D and Playstation Move Capable


  • It’s very dark.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 8/10
Length: 10 hours
System: PlayStation 3
Genre: First Person Shooter

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