The Castlevania : Adventure

Date Completed : 4/4/2013

Game Boy Castlevania The Adventure Front Cover

One of the games I never completed back in the day was the original Castlevania.  I ventured into the 3DS eShop to see if I could correct that great wrong but I was unable to find a copy for purchase.  My search was not fruitless however, I was able to find ‘The Castlevania : Adventure’ so I grabbed it instead.

I owned the original back in the day and anyone who played the original may be surprised to hear that I actually did beat it.  This is one of the hardest games I have ever played through.  Your character walks as if moving through molasses which makes jumping and fighting frustrating.  If you fail to time a jump perfectly you’re probably going to fall to your immediate death.  I’m happy to say that with Virtual Console state saves worrying about failure is a thing of the past.  I beat the game without ever dying and then I beat the game a second time just to see what would happen (as it turns out, nothing).

Castlevania has always been known for great music.  The music on the game sounds crappy by today’s standards but it does have a catchy tune and I’ve been humming it for the last few days.  I had a feeling that it would make a good guitar cover so I checked into YouTube and found this.

The game played exactly as I remembered and with Virtual Console state saves and retries it’s a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating.  It’s one of the best games to come out on the original Game Boy and well worth a look for anyone interested in classic gaming.


  • Great Music (for a GB title)
  • Good design work.


  • Slow play control.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 6/10
Length: 2 hours
System: 3DS Virtual Console
Genre: Action / Adventure

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