When Vikings Attack!

Date Completed : February 7th, 2013

“A furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine” – A Medieval Prayer for deliverance from Vikings

When Viking's Attack!

Vikings are awesome. Vikings are cooler than almost anything I can think of including ninjas, snow cones and brand new socks.  The best way to get me to buy anything is to either slap a ‘Final Fantasy’ label on it or make it vaguely related to Vikings.  Playstation’s Blog was publicizing the game heavily and they even ran a character design contest which I entered (and lost).

I was a little disappointed to find out the game has you fighting against the Vikings.  The game takes place in an alternate reality1970’s Great Britain during an invasion of (surprise) Vikings.  You play as the British citizens trying to repel the Viking hoards with whatever objects you can find to throw at them that aren’t permanently nailed down.  There is one button to throw the object you are holding and another button that performs a ‘quick-dash’ that can both steal an object from enemy vikings and help you avoid incoming attacks.  It is also possible to rotate the object you are carrying using the R/L buttons but I didn’t use this option except in rare cases.  After finishing the game I read online that spinning objects over your head can make them harder for enemy groups to catch but I don’t recall the tutorial mentioning this…that would have been nice to know.

Vikings Fleeing

Vikings running from a Phone Booth.

Game play is chaotic.  The goal is to knock out the groups of enemy vikings and to keep your group of civilians alive.  Your group of civilians is pitted against two groups of Viking invaders who are frantically picking up objects and throwing them at each other.  It’s difficult to keep your eyes on all of the action and I was often smacked by something I hadn’t been paying attention to.  Items like bombs periodically show up which can end a group of Vikings quickly.  There are also ‘super citizens’ which can make your group faster or stronger but in practice I found that they died fairly quickly and any benefits were short lived.7258894232_9eaa171125_oThe art style of the game is cartoony and family friendly so even though the game is fairly violent I let my boys watch as we played.  I told them we were scaring the Vikings out of town instead of committing genocide and they seemed to accept my explanation.  By the end of the game they had decided that Vikings are scary and it took some explaining to convince them that Vikings are in fact, totally awesome.

When Vikings Attack! is the first game I’ve purchased that has PS3 / PS Vita Cross Play capabilities.  The basic gist of it is if you purchase the game you get it on both platforms.  Using the Playstation Plus cloud saves my progress is synchronized between the platforms.  I played about a third of the levels on the Vita and the remaining levels on the PS3.  It’s nice to have the cross play feature available but the game is obviously meant to be on a larger screen.  When the action zoomed out on the Vita it was extremely hard to tell what was going on.  This is definitely a game that needs to be on the largest screen possible.

Single player is short and simple.  I suspect that multiplayer would be a lot of fun but that would other people to play the game with and I don’t know anyone else who owns the game.  I could have tried the random online matches but I thought it would be best if I avoided situations where I might use curse words in front of my kids.  The released an expansion ‘When Vikings Relax‘ a few days ago but I haven’t dropped the $4 on it yet.  I’ll probably pick it up eventually but right now I have other priorities.


  • Vikings!
  • Cross PS3 / Vita Play.


  • Best played on a large screen.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 6/10
Length:  4 hours
System: Playstation 3 / Playstation Vita
Genre: Action

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