Quantum Conundrum

Date Completed : 2/4/2013


Quantum Conundrum wasn’t even on my radar until it was offered for free (with a 50$ Playstation Plus membership) so I decided to give it a go.  In this game you are the nephew of an eccentric scientist who has created a device that allows you to shift between dimensions.  Your Uncle is trapped in an alternate dimension and you have to work your way through his mansion to turn back on his power generators so he can escape.  You’ll have access to four alternate dimensions, each with different laws of physics.  The mansion is chocked full of the standard mad scientist fare – laser beams, killer robots, bottomless pits and science juice (which comes from an undisclosed biological source).

Gameplay is similar to Portal.   You work your way through a series of puzzles, except instead of using portals you switch between dimensions.  The fluffy dimension makes objects lighter, the heavy dimension increases their density, the slow dimension slows down time and the reverse dimension reverses gravity.  The puzzles can get pretty involved.  One of my favorite mechanics of the game is using the fluffy dimension to make a safe really light, picking it up, throwing it, slowing time down, running and jumping on top of the safe and flipping on anti-gravity so that the safe will fly into the air and across the room.

Your Uncle is able to communicate with you from his prison and he narrates the entire adventure.  My wife noticed that the voice of the Narrator is none other than John de Lancie, otherwise known as Q from Star Trek.  He does a great job delivering a funny script.


Frickin’ Lasers!

The game is very family friendly and I played it mostly with my boys around.  There are lots of portraits of cloned cats on the walls of the mansion (later generations look…special) which the boys laughed at.  The actual gameplay wasn’t quite enough to keep their attention so they usually asked me to switch to Super Mario Bros or When Vikings Attack (the latter of which I should be finishing shortly).

The most memorable part of the game is the song (periodically referred to around the house as that damned song).  It only plays during the credits and from the Playstation menu but once it’s in your head it doesn’t come out.  Ever.  Don’t believe me?  Check YouTube.

Long story short, Quantum Conundrum is a fun, involved FPS style puzzle game.  It is definitely worth a look, especially if you can get it for free.


  • Involved Puzzles
  • Fun extras


  • Pay for DLC
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 8/10
Length:  8 hours
System: Playstation 3
Genre: Puzzle

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