Resistance : Burning Skies

Date Completed : 1/5/2013


After my previous game I was looking for a no-thinking action game and Resistance : Burning Skies filled that need nicely.  I’ve owned the game since I got my PS Vita but I had heard that the game was awful so I didn’t give it a try until now.  I didn’t think the game was awful at all, it’s just as good as any other standard First-Person Shooter game.

This particular resistance title stars a Fireman (Tom Riley) instead of the normal generic super soldier.  You start the game responding to a burning building and wielding your trust Fireman Axe.  While on the job the Chimera invasion hits and the world goes to heck.  You get caught up with the resistance fighters and that’s about it for the setup.

The game is extremely short.  There are only 6 levels each of which is only about an hour long.  To get a Platinum trophy requires basically one play through on any difficulty and playing one match of multiplayer.  There isn’t a lot of content in this game but it is still fun.  You use improbable weapons to kill monsters.  Like I said, simple brain-dead action.  Fun.

The only issues I had with the game was that this was a launch title.  Some of the hardware features of the Vita were used unnecessarily to show off the features of the system.  The touch screen was used frequently for secondary fire as well as launching grenades or using your Axe.  This was a problem because the touch screen was also used to open doors.  Have you ever tried opening your front door and instead dropped a live grenade right where you are standing?  I HAVE.  LOTS.  There was also one point in the game where I couldn’t figure out how to kill a particular bad buy and I ended up running out of ammo.  I looked up his weak point online and it turned out to be pretty easy to kill him but there was no indication anywhere that he was taking damage so I ended up wasting a lot of shots shooting things that couldn’t be damaged.  A little more QA wouldn’t have hurt but overall these were minor issues.

The game is a fine action title.  The graphics were great and if this is what the Vita is capable of then I am very excited to see what the future will bring.


  • Resistance for the Vita!
  • Online Mode


  • Poor use of touch screen controls.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 7/10
Length:  6 hours
System: Playstation Vita
Genre: FPS / Action

One thought on “Resistance : Burning Skies

  1. I probably should stop reading so I can concentrate on doing something more productive, but I enjoyed your last review so much that I decided to look at few other articles you’ve done. 😛

    Thanks for the review! I don’t yet own a PS Vita, I’m interested to know whether you think the PS Vita has been worth your money or not? I own a 3DS, and although I haven’t played a ton of 3DS titles, the free games I got for being an early adopter (Nintendo actually sent me the system free for review, much to my and my old bosses shock, so I didn’t have to pay for it :P) was enough to make it a huge hit in my eyes alone. Not only that, but I love the StreetPass feature of exchanging Mii’s when you meet someone, and the fact that the 3DS keeps track of how many steps you’ve walked and translates those into Play Coins that you can use to unlock stuff in the various built-in minigames. Because of that I never leave the house without my 3DS, and it’s really encouraged me to walk more. That alone is worth the price of admission to me. Likewise with the Vita, I’m interested to know what a real person thinks of it and not the regular criticism you hear from people or reviewers who are just looking for reasons to criticize something. I love my 3DS.

    This Resistance game is now on my radar, especially since you said you can Platinum with one playthrough. I’m an Achievements-whore, so that line alone makes this game a future purchase. Sounds like it’s a fun game that’s worth a playthrough, though nothing special. I don’t actually play modern FPS games, and I’m still enjoying Perfect Dark on Xbox 360, so I’d probably like Resistance: Burning Skies just fine myself. I also like that it’s short, not every game needs to be long IMHO.

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