My Blog has Moved!

My Gaming Blog has been moved!

I recently began an exodus from Google services.  I’m a semi-recent convert to Apple products and I found that most of Google’s services don’t mesh well with how I do things now ( Google Calendar and Google Contacts being prime examples).  Apple has slowly been rolling out superior services on iCloud while Google hasn’t done anything to improve the Google experience for Apple users.  I’ve also had some concerns about Google as a company ( see: Criticism of Google (Wikipedia) so I decided to make a change.

I deleted my Contacts from Google Contacts and all of my Calendars from Google Calendar.  These tools have been replaced with iCloud alternatives.

Google Reader has been replaced with Tiny Tiny RSS at a self-hosted site.  This gives me some nice features such a easy sharing button, filters, tagging and a better iPad layout.  It’s a little slower than Google Reader (It is based on PHP after all) but so far I have found the tool to be a worthy replacement.

I deleted all of my Picasa web albums, Google+ content and Google Drive content.  Most of the data in these tools had been uploaded accidentally anyway.

Finally I deleted my Blogs.  I definitely did not like the new Blogger layout so after I found that WordPress could import my Blogger content this was pretty much a no brainer.

I’m will keep Google account so I can get into Google tools but I’ll only be using them in a ‘read-only’ type scenario.  Similar to the reason I have Hotmail and Yahoo accounts.

I’ve changed the name of my Blog as a part of this move.  My boys are getting old enough to enjoy my video gaming hobby with me so I have changed the name of the blog to reflect that better.


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