Final Fantasy XIII-2

Date Completed: August 27th, 2012

One of the first game I wrote about when I started my blog was Final Fantasy XIII.  Final Fantasy XIII-2 promised to continue the story of it’s predecessor as well as improve on many of the mechanics that many found to be lacking.

My two biggest complaints about the previous game – the leveling system and the automatic battling system are both still present and mostly unchanged.  Somehow over time my hatred for these two systems has dissipated over the last few years and I found I actually enjoyed them this time around.  Maybe the only difference was I started the game knowing what to expect so I didn’t feel the disappointment as keenly.

The real innovation in this game is that instead of having six party members to choose from you only have two and the third party member is a captured monster.  Each monster has different abilities and leveling potential so you can spent a lot of time preparing critters that compliment your team.  You can also waste a lot of time dressing up your monsters with various clothing types and Afros, because a Chocobo with an Afro makes every game just a little better.

The stories told in Final Fantasy games have never been especially coherent but this game takes incoherency to a whole new level.  I’m beginning to suspect that the water supply in Japan has been contaminated with a powerful hallucinogenic of some kind.  Fortunately after 25 years of playing JRPGs I’ve learned how to ‘not ask questions’ and sit back enjoy the visuals.  I tried to explain the plot to my wife once but it was a wasted effort.

Twisted timelines are the least strange thing about the plot.

Level design is pretty repetitive and thanks to the time travel mechanic certain sites are revisited in multiple time periods.  I suppose that cuts down on the amount of time they need to work on level design but it also limits the variety.

Now for my DLC (Downloadable Content) rant.  A lot of pay-for DLC has been released for this game and to get it all will cost more than the total expense of the game.  Some of it is absolute crap ( character outfits for example) but the extended episodes that tell additional parts of the story INCLUDING THE TRUE ENDING might be considered essential.  After paying full price for the collector’s edition of the game you’d think they could have at least included the full ending.

Anyone spending 3$ to buy this costume is a sick human being.

Now that the game has been discounted at retail it’s easier to recommend it.  I did enjoy playing it much more than the original and I plan to keep with it a bit more and finish some of the optional content.

My wife’s take: “What on earth is going on?”


  • Lots of post-play content.
  • Continuation of Final Fantasy XIII w/ streamlined gaming experience.


  • Repetitive environments.
  • Confusing story.
  • Required DLC.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 6/10
Length:  ~30 hours
System: Playstation 3
Genre: RPG

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