Final Fantasy : Theatrhythm

Date Completed: 7/12/2012

My long time reader (Hi Honey!) will be aware that I am a collector of Final Fantasy games so I was understandably excited when I heard about the concept of a Final Fantasy based rhythm game.  I preordered Theatrhythm right away and when it finally arrived I was surprised to find that I had actually preordered it TWICE.  Yes, I am now so old that I can’t remember what games I have on order.  Kind of depressing.

I started the game up and went through the Final Fantasy game stages in numerical sequence.  Each stage consists of a Field Music song, a battle music song and an ‘Emotional’ song.  Game play is pretty much identical however,  you just tap on the screen along with the music.  Some notes might require you to hold down and move the stylus up and down, or some might have arrows on them and require you to draw in a specific direction but that’s about it for game mechanics.  Anyone can do it.

The music is right out of the original video games with no upgrades.  The soundtrack for Final Fantasy I sounds like it is coming out of an 8-bit NES console, and Final Fantasy XIII sounds like it was studio recorded.  I get a bit nostalgic hearing the old school tunes so this isn’t a problem for me but if you’re new to the series you may have preferred an orchestral rearrangement of the original music, which have been created and are for sale on your favorite digital music stores.

The game manages to be challenging on harder difficulties but not impossible.  In expert mode if you get behind the beat of the song it quickly becomes impossible to keep up and you’ll lose.  I never lost a song in Normal or Advanced modes, although a few of the Advanced songs were quite challenging.

The game has all the normal RPG elements too.  Your party levels up as you play and you can equip them with different abilities and items. There are tons of unlockables such as additional characters, movies and songs.  I’d say this is a perfect little rhythm game for Final Fantasy fans and I plan to continue enjoying it even after beating the main story mode.


  • Final Fantasy based Rhythm game!
  • Tons of unlockables


  • Music exists as it did on original console.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 8/10
Length:  ~5 hours
System: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: Rhythm

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