A Boy and His Blob

Date Completed: 7/9/2012

I purchased A Boy and his Blob a few years ago because I thought that it would make a good title to play with my son.  When the original game came out back in 1989 Nintendo Power had a big article about the game and I had always wanted to try the original but I never got around to it.  I happened to pick this game up from the discount basket at Best Buy and it was one of the best purchases ever

The game is played by feeding blob various jelly beans which cause him to transform into different objects such as a parachute, ladder or rocket.  There are 40 different main levels to puzzle through and each level has three treasure chests that will unlock a challenge level if collected.  Each level by itself is pretty short and early on they are mostly easy.  The game never gets hard but some of the later levels do get quite challenging, especially if you want all three treasure chests.

I found the game to be absolutely charming.  The hand drawn animation look amazing and it feels like you’re playing a cartoon.  The game doesn’t have any dialog but it still manages to pack in quite a bit of emotion with Pixar like quality.  The game even gives you a few emotive controls and you can choose to hug the blob at any point.  I played most of the game with my three year old son and I’m pretty sure he wants a blob friend of his own so he can give him big hugs.  The developers even have a Send a Hug website so you can send blob hugs to your closest friends (or worst enemies). 

Free Hugs!

The best part of the game is saved for last.  The blob’s ultimate jelly bean is only available in the last few levels but it is well worth the wait.  He turns into – wait for it – A MECH WARRIOR.  My son kept running in circles screaming ‘Super Blob!’.  After finessing through 37 levels some wanton destruction was not only welcome – it was awesome. 

I loved playing the game with my boys.  It was a great way to share my gaming hobby with them, and this is a great game.  My only regret is that I didn’t pay full price for it.  The game is definitely worth the money and I’d really like to support the developer.


  • Beautiful hand drawn animation.
  • Dialog free story telling.


  • A few scary parts (If you’re 3 years old).
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 8/10
Length:  ~8 hours
System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Platform

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