Mario Sports Mix

Date Completed: Unknown

I was pretty sure that I had already wrote down my experience about this game but apparently I completely forgot about it.  I could probably check on the Wii Console when I finished playing the game but I just don’t have the energy at this moment.

My son and I really enjoyed playing this game together.  He had watched me play through Donkey Kong Country Returns and required that I choose Donkey Kong for all of the sports teams I was on.  In a weird twist several Final Fantasy characters are also present in the game.  Our standard team consisted of Donkey Kong and a Moogle

There are three difficulty modes – Normal, Hard and Very Hard.  Very Hard is only unlocked after beating everything on Hard.  The ONLY difficulty that is remotely difficult is Very Hard.  The Normal difficulty is so easy that the other team only managed to score points when I got bored and stopped paying attention.

Out of the four sports available but there are really only minor differences between them.  You’ll have your choice of Volleball, Dodgeball, Hockey and Basketball.  After mastering the tournaments in all of these you’ll unlock a surprise boss battle and Sports Mix mode.

In all the sports you can pick up coins during the match which add points to your total when you score.  There are also the normal Mario game items that you can use to mess with the other team. Shells, Bananas and Mushrooms can be used to smite your foes into oblivion.  You also have a powered up shot that is specific to the character you’re playing that will generally guarantee you will score.

Each of the sports is fun but way too easy.  I didn’t start losing matches until Very Hard difficulty and even then it was rarely.  There are a lot of unlockable characters and interesting levels but they have to be unlocked on EACH SPORT.  If you unlock Moogle on Volleyball you will not be able to use Moogle on Dodgeball.  SUPER LAME.  Luckily there is a code that can be entered that unlocks EVERYTHING.  After beating the game legitimately I immediately entered the code because there was no way I was going through the work to unlock everything myself.

The single player is pretty fun, and Final Fantasy characters are a great gimmick but this game is best as a party game.  Four player action and the normal out-of-control Mario action make it a great option to occupy you and your three closest friends next time they’re over for Nachos.


  • Four playable sports
  • Unlockable Final Fantasy characters


  • Not very challenging
  • Unlocking everything is a pain ( without using the code )
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 7/10
Length:  ~8 hours
System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Sports

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