Date Completed : September 17th, 2011

Anything related to the Vikings in any way is automatically awesome so it was a foregone conclusion that when I heard about the game Flapcraft I would buy it.  The game is actually a tech demo created by the Pixelmator team to demonstrate the capabilities of their image editing software.

In Flapcraft you will be participating in the well known Viking pastime of flying through the air on a wooden log.  You get points for distance and you can spend the points to purchase upgrades to enable your log to fly faster and farther.  There are five difficulty levels with five challenges in each level that for the most part are not very challenging.  If you find yourself stuck on a challenge then upgrade your log and suddenly it becomes easy.

There isn’t a lot of content in this game, just a ramp and a log and a Viking.  It’s a pretty fun distraction for a few minutes but the only challenge I found remotely challenging was the final one which I eventually resorted to looking up a solution for online.

Flying past one of the many volcanoes in Scandinavia

While I am of the opinion that anything that contains Vikings is automatically awesome I can see how some people who are a little less thrilled about Viking awesomeness might find this game to be lacking.  The amount of time you’ll spend on the game is short for the price and the physics are pretty questionable.  If the Pixelmator team touches the game up a bit more and patches in some more content this could be a pretty fun distraction but right now I can only suggest this game to the brotherhood of vikings.

My Wife’s Take :

  • Is that Viking riding on a log?

* Vikings on Logs!!!

* Not much content for the price.

iTunes Link:

Is it fun: Yes
Score: 5/10
Length:  ~1 hours
System: iOS
Genre: Sports

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