The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3DS

Date Completed: July 20th, 2011

I bought the 3DS at launch just so I could play this game.  Screenshots were leaked out slowly over months building anticipation.  Then launch day finally came! Unfortunately it turned out that Amazon wasn’t doing launch day delivery so I had to wait 3 more agonizing days until I could finally play Ocarina of Time in 3D. 

The game finally arrived, and I was expecting the worst.  It had been months since launch and 3DS owners had been forced to suffer through a gaming drought of which no console has ever seen the like.  To make things worse, the 3DS was not well received.  It has been widely reported that the 3D effect gives people headaches and blinds small children.  It is no secret that the console had not sold as strongly as Nintendo wanted so for the few of us who bought the 3DS at launch it was a very dark time.  We feared for the future of our consoles.

After starting up Ocarina of Time 3D my fear disappeared.  Ocarina represents what 3D should be, and how it really can add depth and immersion to a game.  Other 3D content that I had seen on the 3DS up to this point looked ‘neat’, but Ocarina takes it to the next level.  The effect it produces is not over-the-top poke your eyes out 3D, but it’s the addition of depth to the scenes.  I found that I really did feel like I was being drawn into the scenes.  I would often play in 3D and then find myself not being able to tell if the 3D feature was even on.  When this happened I would sometimes turn 3D off and suddenly the world would become ‘flat’ and boring

There are a few minor issues with the game that I should mention.  The 3D effect is easy to lose if you move the console too much, which I found to be common when I was over-mashing the buttons during boss fights.  Motion controls were also added, but these suck and will force you to move your 3DS out of the sweet-spot for 3D viewing so just do yourself a favor and turn motion controls off in the options when you start the game.  While you’re in the options dialog you might also want to consider turning on the ‘L-targeting’ switch mode.  The default targeting mode requires you to hold the ‘L’ button down which is a bad idea if you value mobility in your left hand.  My boss did not think it was funny when I called in sick to work because I’d been playing too much Zelda.

Texture upgrades! Everything looks beautiful in 3D.

Ocarina of Time 3D is a faithful remake of the original.  With the exception of the ‘relive a battle’ boss attack mode there isn’t any new content.  The Master Quest has been included but that was previously released on a Zelda bonus disk for the GameCube.  Sadly the Master Quest won’t be unlocked until you beat the game by which point you will probably want a (short) break from Link and Zelda.

Just a final word – I never got a headache or eyestrain from playing this game.  My poor left wrist suffered a lot until I switched the targeting mode, but otherwise playing this game was nothing but a delight.

* Gorgeous re-make of one of the greatest games of all time
* Texture upgrades and 3D!
* New boss attack mode.
* Default control settings are awful
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 9/10
Length:  20 hours
System: 3DS
Genre: Action / Adventure

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