The Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening

Date Completed: June 20th, 2011

When The Legend of Zelda came out for the original Gameboy the biggest surprise for many was how good the game actually was.  The update for the Gameboy color added an extra dungeon and small color palette, and now you can purchase the DX version as a digital download from the 3DS eShop.

Prior to writing this review I read another review that discussed how dated the graphics look, how the sound didn’t stand the test of time and how you should avoid this title at all costs.  I can’t agree.  It’s been decades since the original launched and I still find myself humming the songs after playing the game.  I find the graphics to be some of the best examples of pixel art from the 1990’s and the game is just as fun as it was for me when I purchased the original.

The 3DS doesn’t change anything from the Gameboy color version, except the 3DS virtual console has a save state feature so you’ll never need to die again.  Features such as the Gameboy printer integration don’t work at all but everything else has held up ( in my opinion ) amazingly well.

In this game Link finds himself shipwrecked on a small island and he is unable to escape without first waking the Wind Fish.  There are eight magical instruments that need to be collected to wake the fish up, each hidden in a different dungeon.  The game follows the traditional Zelda formula.  Each dungeon has a special item and a boss that can only be defeated with that item.  The items you acquire will also open up new areas of the island to explore.

Several optional side quests are included such as the standard search for heart container pieces as well as the search for secret sea-shell that will evenually unlock ‘something good’.  There is also an optional ‘color dungeon’ that was included new with the DX version of the game that will give you a user selectable upgrade (offense or defense)

This game is not without issues.  Only two buttons are available for using your items with so later in the game you’ll constantly have to pause to switch your currently active items.  All other issue such as the letter boxing and limited color palette I could pass off as relics from a simpler time but the two button thing was a constant source of minor amounts of irritation.  With 10 buttons available on the system I would have really liked to use a few more of them.Purchasing this game from the eShop represents the third time I have bought this particular title.  I keep coming back to it over and over and the experience has always been enjoyable. Thanks for the good work Nintendo.  Keep re-releasing this one and I promise to keep buying it.

  • Full-length Zelda game in portable form!
  • Only two buttons available to use items with.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 8/10
Length:  ~5 hours
System: 3DS (eShop)
Genre: Action / Adventure
Update (7/11/2013) – Removed a link to a picture that was no longer available and fixed some formatting.

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