James Bond 007: GoldenEye

If you owned a Nintendo 64 in the late 1990’s, chances are you owned Goldeneye.  The four player simultaneous gameplay made it a staple in dormitories across the world.  Hearing the name Goldeneye automatically summons memories of dorm rooms, crappy cafeteria food and many long nights spent avoiding study and playing video games.

Unfortunately there was no way this game could live up to the nostalgia.  Fortunately for the sake of this review I went back and played the original.  I was astounded to see how absolutely horrible the original actually was.  The graphics were horribly dated and the control scheme was almost unusable.  I can’t fathom how I found the original to be enjoyable.

The remake was packaged with a Golden classic controller.  I believe other control schemes are available but I made a point of using only the controller the game came with.  After experiencing other FPS games on the Wii I found that using dual analogs was a welcome change.  Sometimes you just want to sit and relax while playing a game.  Motion control can make that kind of tricky.

The game starts of in the same place as the original but quickly becomes unrecognizable.  It is apparent that this is a whole new game.  Characters and locales are the same but circumstances have been updated.  Some of the levels share similar landmarks but the layouts share few similarities.  The original game featured around 30 small levels.  This game features 12 much larger levels.  I found that each level would take an average of 30 minutes to complete with no ability to save mid-level.   I have two small children and I find it very difficult to play games that do not allow frequent saving.

The game has very high production values.  After beating the opening of the game you’re treated to the standard James Bond intro song complete with credits.  Several of the levels had the fine little touches that add personality to a game.  Unfortunately it was hard to ignore that all of this came from a standard definition console.  I found it impossible not to think ‘This would have looked so cool on my PS3!!’.

The game overall was good and I enjoyed playing it.  I wasn’t able to sample the multiplayer as much because I no longer live in a dormitory.   Unlike the original all of the multiplayer cheats appeared to be unlocked from the get-go so you won’t have to play single player any more than you want to.

This part looks familiar, the rest of the game not so much.


* A decent FPS multiplayer experience on the Wii!
* No mid-level saving.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 7/10
Length:  8 hours
System: Wii
Genre: First Person Shooter

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