Lego Star Wars III : The Clone Wars 3DS

I’ve owned every Nintendo console (including the Virtual Boy) released since the original NES so there wasn’t any question that I would purchase the 3DS eventually.  Since I knew I’d buy one anyway I decided to skip waiting and pre-ordered a 3DS as soon as Amazon allowed.  I probably wouldn’t have ordered any of the launch games but Amazon gave out a 25$ credit with the pre-order so I went ahead and picked this one up.
The first mission puts you in control of a light sabre wielding Yoda as you battle through an army of droids.  The first mission was the hardest for me to beat of the entire game.  I got stuck on the second area and was unable to figure out how to progress further.  I restarted the level multiple times before finally figuring it out.  I also had some trouble with the 3DS.  The power button is right next to the start button.  Once, while playing in the dark, I hit the power button while reaching for start and ended my game, losing all my progress.
Once you figure out the game mechanics it turns out that this game is super easy, and virtually impossible to lose.  The only way out of a mission is to either complete it or give up.  You can’t save during a mission so if you give up you lose all your progress.  Each mission is made up of 3 acts and is about 45 minutes long so this isn’t a game you can just pick up and play casually.  It’s pretty inexcusable you couldn’t save after each act.  Very frustrating.
Gameplay is fun.  You take control of a team of Lego Star Wars characters.  You control a single character at a time and you can switch between them to take advantage of their unique skills.  Short characters can sneak through tight passages, Jedi can use the force, clone troopers have heavy artillery, etc.
I thought the game would be following the plot of Star Wars III : Revenge of the Sith however I was mistaken.  It turns out this game is based on the Clone Wars cartoon which I was not familiar with.  I didn’t feel like the story was told well.  I was never really sure what was going on so I ended up turning off the part of my brain that cared and just played the game for fun.
Each level has a red brick that can unlock an extra feature of some kind as well as 10 hidden mini-kits that unlock additional vehicles.  You can’t pick everything up your first time through a level.  You’ll have to return in free-play mode to have access to the full spectrum of character abilities to get all of pickups.  I didn’t see much of a point to doing free-play since none of the bonuses would help me towards beating the game.
Completionists will want to go back through the levels in free-play mode to get the 100% on the save screen, but I quit playing after beating the game.  There just wasn’t anything left to keep me interested post-completion.
Overall the game was OK but not great.  I’ll be selling it at my earliest convenience.
* Several unlockables and minigames to keep you busy.
* Can’t save progress during a mission.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 6/10
Length:  10 hours
System: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: Platform / Action

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