PS3 Sadness

Today I am not reporting on a video game.  I am reporting on my sadness.  Last year my original PS3 (the one that had backwards compatibility with the PS3) started hard locking.  Rather than deal with repairs I chose to sell it for scap on eBay and purchase a whole new console.  Unfortunately my new console turned out to be a lemon and started ‘shorting out’.  I was unable to boot the system or play any game.  Sony offered to repair it free of charge so I sent it in for repairs.

After a week to ship me a box, and another week for the box to arrive in Forth Worth, Texas I had to wait a third week for a technician to be assigned to my console.  I finally got bored of watching ‘No Status’ on Sony’s support website so I called in.  They informed me that my console could not be repaired and I would be sent a refurbished console.  I would also lose all of my save data, but my trophies and DLC could be retrieved from the PSN at my leisure.

I am now in the fourth week of waiting for the replacement to arrive.  I’m pretty bummed about the loss of my save data.  I had my PS1 and PS2 memory cards all backed up on that console.  It contained hundreds of hours of save files and can not be replaced.  There is no way I’m playing through Final Fantasy XIII again so I can kiss goodbye to my Platinum trophy there.



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