Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is the first game (that I know of) that uses the Unreal Engine on iOS based devices.  I’m a pretty big fan of iOS devices, and I am a pretty big fan of tech demos so it was only natural that I purchased this game as soon as it became available.

The game has a very minimal storyline – basically you’re out to kill some bad ass ‘god king’ character.  If you die in your quest you’ll start over as your son, coming back 20 years later to avenge your death.  Each time you fail you’ll start a new bloodline.  I didn’t beat the game until after about 5 bloodlines, and then even after you win you can keep playing.  There are achievements for finishing up to 20 bloodlines.  It also appears that the developers left room to add more features, so this may not be the end of this particular game.

You have to kill more than just the final boss.  You have to battle several henchmen on your way through the castle, each with a slightly different playing style.  Each enemy gives different visual cues on what maneuver they are going to execute.  As you level up enemies level up as well and they start pulling more complicated maneuvers such as fake outs.  Combat is pretty simple.  Swipe your finger across the screen to use your sword.  You have a shield icon you can press to block, and you can dodge by hitting two arrows that are on the sides of the screen.  You also have magic spells and a super move at your disposal.  Each of these recharges over time.

When you beat the game you will be treated to an ending that I WAS CERTAINLY NOT PREPARED FOR!  All I have to say is whoa!

I played the game on both the iPad and the iPhone and it plays equally well in both environments.  The iPad was a little more difficult to play since the screen is larger and you have to move your hands so much further to hit the hot spots during combat, but it also made things easier to see objects on the screen.  The game works on either platform, so you don’t need to choose which one to buy (Unlike some other games in the app store).

* Amazing Graphics.
* Simple, fun game play.
* It runs on your phone.

* Touch control isn’t the best choice for this type of game.
Is it fun: Yes
Score: 7/10
Length:  10 hours
System: iOS
Genre: Fighting / RPG

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