About This Blog

I began playing video games in 1987 when my Grandparents bought me a Nintendo Entertainment System and a tiny 13″ television set for Christmas.  Since that time I’ve owned every Nintendo Console released (Including the Virtual Boy) as well as every PlayStation.  In the past I have maintained a gaming capable PC but I tired of the expense of keeping it up to date so now I have a two year old iMac that I use for a special few games (Starcraft II).  Gaming has been almost a life long hobby for me and now I’m looking for a better way to record my experiences with gaming.  That is why I’m starting this blog.

In this blog I will be reviewing my experience with every game I complete.  There are a few things I will be basing my reviews on.

#1 – I believe that games should be fun.  If a game is not enjoyable then I will not give it a good review.  Some film critics will often give a good review to a terrible movie because it represents ‘high art’ or ‘holds a mirror up to society’.  That’s crap.  If a movie is not enjoyable to watch then it should get a bad review.  I believe the same to be true about video games.  If the game is not fun to play, then it will get a bad review.

#2 – I will not review a game I have not completed.  There are some games out there that are so totally awful that I will never complete them.  I will not review those games.  I believe that a reviewer should have actually completed a game prior to offering up an opinion on it.  If they have not finished the game then they can not offer a review that is indicative of the complete experience.

I only play through about one game a month, so this blog won’t be updated too often.  If I feel like it, I may go back and write reviews for game I’ve completed in the past, but my intention is to write reviews for the games I complete from this time forward.



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